Stilte Retraite/ Silent Retreat


zondag 3 maart 2024 (10:00 -15:00)
Shambhala Meditatie Centrum Rotterdam
Deze retraite wordt in het Engels geleid door Lelia Spada. Het is onderdeel van een 8 weekse cursus, maar deelnemers kunnen zich ook alleen voor deze dag opgeven.

Deepen your mindfulness, awareness, rediscover happiness, joy & creativity, practice in this silent retreat.

Few silent hours of mindful movement, walking and sitting meditations. While spending hours in silence may seem daunting to some, these retreats are often a welcome refreshing way to foster stillness in the rush of everyday life. Many regular participants attest to the retreats’ restorative effects and the ways in which the experience enhances personal insight and self-knowledge.

Who Should Attend
Mindfulness programs current participants, past participants and other ones with an existing mindfulness practice.
We do not recommend the silent retreat for beginners, nevertheless for those interested in discovering mindfulness, please reach out to evaluate your personal scenario.

Participants take part in the retreat costs with a 15 Euro fee to be credited at registration time. Participants currently attending one of the courses have the retreat already included in the training fee.

For more information and registration please contact
[email protected] or send a whatsapp message to 0615653338

Information about the Course:

Stress is an issue for most of us these days.

 “Invisible stress” is the kind of stress that creeps up on you. The sort that you don’t even realize is there. One day you are happily going along with your ‘normal’ life and the next you have trouble focusing or sleeping or you are often angry and frustrated.                                                                      So many people are struggling with invisible stress and they MIGHT HAVE no idea.                                                                                                                                             

Breathworks course leverages neuro-scientific findings of the last 20 years of studies about the Brain, the body and the Mind.

its individual and group courses revealed improvement across all scales measured: executive attention, mood, emotional - physical pain experience, quality of life, resilience, confidence.


Breathworks is an 8 weekly 2 hr session format plus a short 5 HOUR retreat. THE COURSE IS COMPLETE OF A set of mindful exercises created for people with chronic pain AND HAS PROVEN successful IN INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP SETTINGS.


a group course starts @shambhala thu January 18th at 19:00 hr    for 8 consecutive Thursdays (excl. winter school holiday WEEK).

The course fee, including book and retreat, is 290 eur.

For INFORMATION and REGISTRATION PLEASE reach out to Lelia Spada [email protected] or Whatsapp +31 0615653338