Today’s talk led by Acharya David Hope (online talk)

zondag 28 juni 2020 (11:00 -12:30)
Leraar : David Hope
Coördinator : Jacobien Schreurs
Contactpersoon : Jacobien Schreurs
Several teachers have been approached to give a one-hour talk about the subject that inspired them the most. Today: "What is the ‘emptiness’ of all phenomena?"

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What is the ‘emptiness’ of all phenomena?

Emptiness is a central theme of the second phase or ‘turning' of the Buddha’s teaching, one of the foundations of Mahayana Buddhism.  It is most briefly presented in the Heart Sutra, a short but mysterious text we may often chant, but which is not easy to understand.  In this talk I would like to clarify its meaning and place it in the context of the Buddhist teachings as a whole, linking it to our personal experience as well as to cutting edge thinking in recent science.  


In these extraordinary times many habits, ideas and concepts we have long taken for granted are being challenged, revealing their shakiness and undermining any solidity we may have believed they possessed.  This is a gateway to understanding the teachings on emptiness. 


About David Hope

Acharya David Hope has been a member of the London Shambhala Centre since its early days in the front room of his home. He attended seminary in 1983 and was then resident Director for Shambhala Training in London for many years. In the 1990’s he lived and worked at Dechen Chöling in France, where he was a co-director from 1995-8. From 1999 to 2004 he served on the Shambhala International board of directors.

In 2005 he was appointed an Acharya and has taught all over the world since that time.  He is currently a member of the European Donor Group, and one of the trustees of the London Shambhala Centre. He now lives with his wife on the south coast of England.

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