Video cursus Pema Chodron: Making Friends with Yourself

Centrum/Groep: Rotterdam
woensdag 10 januari 2018 (19:30 -22:00)
woensdag 24 januari 2018 (19:30 -22:00)
woensdag 7 februari 2018 (19:30 -22:00)
woensdag 21 februari 2018 (19:30 -22:00)
Leraren : Ronald van Ieperen & Karin Hooijmans
Coördinator : Joke Bruijnen-Bonsang
Contactpersoon : Joke Bruijnen-Bonsang
Videocursus Pema Chodron: Making Friends with Yourself: A Course in Exploring Self, Selflessness, and the Roots of Attachment

Deze videocursus deel I wordt aangeboden door het bestuur van Shambhala Meditatiecentrum Rotterdam aan alle vrijwilligers binnen ons centrum. Karin Hooijmans en Ronald van Ieperen begeleiden de cursus. In het voorjaar van 2018 zal deel II van deze cursus gegeven worden.

Een vrijwillige bijdrage wordt op prijs gesteld.

Elke avond wordt een lezing van Pema Chodron bekeken (in het engels) en nabesproken.

"Every winter Pema Cho?dro?n leads a retreat for the thirty residents of Gampo Abbey, her home in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This unique online course is the first time the teaching from one of these retreats has been made available to the general public.

Join Pema in this intimate setting as she explores, in her usual down-to-earth and practical way, the Buddhist teachings on the five skandhas (elements) and the eight kinds of consciousness that make up our experience of the self, as well as on the twelve nidanas (links in the chain of causation), which reveal how we get hooked by our negative habitual patterns. These teachings get to the heart of how our sense of self develops and functions. Pema shows how we can use them to transcend the negative patterns and attachments that are at the root of our suffering. Having seen through the self, we can then proceed to live with limitless joy, wisdom, and compassion toward ourselves and all beings.

Lesson 1: Permanent, Solid, and Separate: An Overview of the “Self”

Lesson 2: How to Get Unstuck: Working with the Skandhas

Lesson 3: Resting in Open Space: The Eight Kinds of Consciousness

Lesson 4: Understanding Ignorance: Where Suffering Begins'