Social meditation weekthün OR weekend retreat

Centrum/Groep: Amsterdam Grote schrijn ruimte
Datum: vrijdag 12 mei 2017 (20:00 -22:00) zaterdag 13 mei 2017 (09:00 -18:00) zondag 14 mei 2017 (09:00 -18:00) maandag 15 mei 2017 (09:00 -18:00) dinsdag 16 mei 2017 (09:00 -18:00) woensdag 17 mei 2017 (09:00 -18:00) donderdag 18 mei 2017 (09:00 -18:00)
Leraren : Bartek Kociemba & Shastri Nick Kranz
Contact persoon : Bea de Munnik
Participants can join the full weekend, full week, or one or more full days outside of the weekend. Participation during the full week counts as a regular weekthün.

During this week, we will be practicing sitting meditation together, as well as Social Meditation, under the guidance of Shastri Nick Kranz and Bartek Kociemba.

Social Meditation is a group practice that facilitates creating a culture of nowness, by bringing the wisdom of meditation into the vibrancy of social interaction. It is as an ongoing form of leadership development and community building.

Together we create a safe space to be our authentic selves in a group setting. We will be able to practice two sessions a day of social meditation along with intensive sitting meditation practice. This will allow us to explore ways in which our meditation practice can manifest in our daily lives, and how a culture of nowness can build community and openness.

Who should attend? This program is designed for anyone who would like to bring the view of meditation further into their daily life, and those wishing to develop leadership skills and learn practices to foster enlightened culture in their communities.

Cost should never be a reason for anyone not to participate. Please let us know if you need financial assistance by getting in touch at [email protected]

Generosity 150
Regular 100
Discount 75

Generosity 300
Regular 200
Discount 150

1 day:
Generosity 60
Regular 45
Discount 30

Generosity pricing helps to cover for those who are not able to pay full price. 

12-18th of May
Weekend participants should join Friday evening (open at 7.30 PM, start 8 PM)
Week participants should join from Friday morning onwards

Shastri Nicholas Kranz was appointed as a Shastri (Senior Buddhist Teacher) by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 2013. He’s interested in social innovation, cultural transformation, and collaborative business that positively impacts society. Under the guidance of his teachers he has developed the practice of social meditation which supports the creation of a culture of nowness.

Bartek Kociemba joined Shambhala in 2003. He’s been active as a translator, MI, program and group coordinator for Warsaw Shambhala Centre. He studied political science, but as a profession he chose to follow a path of illustration art, creating visual works for magazines, theatres and various institutions. In his work he focuses on human, nature and the emotional space expressed within them. He spends most of time in-between Poland and Denmark, supporting local groups in Copenhagen, Krakow, Szczecin and Warsaw. Lives in Copenhagen with his partner Mikkel.