Today’s talk led by Barbara Märtens (online talk)

zondag 23 augustus 2020 (11:00 -12:30)
Lerares : Barbara Märtens
Coördinator : Jacobien Schreurs
Contactpersoon : Jacobien Schreurs
Several teachers have been approached to give a one-hour talk about the subject that inspired them the most. The subject of this talk: 'deluded mind-awakened mind'

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The subject of this talk: 'deluded mind-awakened mind'

About Barbara Märtens

Barbara Märtens is trained in cultural pedagogy, Zen-arts, and contemplative psychology. She teaches Maitri Space Awareness practice and other contemplative approaches to art, work, and to life in general. Her special emphasis lies in training sense perception and creative expression in individual and group work. She is a Shambhala and Buddhist teacher with more than 20 years of practice. Today she is a member of faculty in Karuna and Upaya, an organization for contemplative psychology, health and art. She has two grown up children and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

A summer with online talks

This talk is part of a series that takes place during the summer:

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