Today’s talk led by Sabine Rolf (online talk)

zondag 9 augustus 2020 (11:00 -12:30)
Lerares : Sabine Rolf
Coördinator : Jacobien Schreurs
Contactpersoon : Jacobien Schreurs
" Glorious Practical Impacts of the Teachings on the 6 Realms"

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The teachings on the 6 realms sometimes come across as fantastic, somewhat naive world view. In Shambhala we study this accessible and meaningful material as the 'six styles of imprisonment and apply it to our modern western lives.  
We bestow this imprisonment on ourselves by identifying with intense emotions - so strong, that our world takes on their color and face‘ and we then perceive this as a real world, where we cant get out. As practitioners, however we have the means to see through the illusion of colors and moods and disrupt the belief in a prison. 

About Sabine Rolf

Sabine Rolf studied German literature and philosophy and has a professional background in the Management of Non-Governmental Organizations. She is trained in Recycling Management, Human Resources Management, and Contemplative Psychology. A student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1991, she teaches the Shambhala Curriculum, Maitri Space Awareness, and Contemplative Psychology.  She is the Director of Practice and Education of Shambhala Europe. Sabine is married, and lives and works in Cologne and other places in Europe.

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