Meditatieavond met Pema Chödron Smile at Fear vanaf DVD

dinsdag 18 juni 2019 (19:45 -21:15)
Shambhala Meditatie Groep Haarlem
Coördinator : Johan van der Spek
Contactpersoon : Shambhala Haarlem
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Meditatieavond met Lezing vanaf DVD van Pema Chödron

Meditatieavond Lezing vanaf DVD van Pema Chödron (in het engels, vertaling is mogelijk)

We all have fears, but when we look closely at them, we discover that behind each fear resides a basic fear of ourselves. We're afraid to look at our habitual styles of thinking and behaving because we might not always like what we see. Ironically it is this fear of honest self-reflection that keeps us trapped in patterns of stress and discontentment. Here is a vision for moving beyond this most basic fear to discover the innate bravery, trust, and joy that reside at the core of our being. In this recorded retreat, Pema Chödrön shares teachings inspired by the book Smile at Fear, which was written by her teacher Chögyam Trungpa.

Daarna afsluiting van het seizoen.
Tijd: 19:45 – 21:00 uur (welkom vanaf 19:30)
Kosten: vrijwillige bijdrage

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